Fitness has always been an interest of mine. I struggled in high school with a low self esteem, so I decided I want to change that. So I started home based DVD training. I`ve made a few mistakes, gotten fat, gave up, tried again, gave up again and it just went on like that for 7 years. It was like it was not meant to be.  It was really something I wanted to do, but not just for myself, I really wanted to change people’s lives. So I started studying and got myself a certificate in personal training in the year of February 2014.

Bevean have trained and changed numerous of people’s lives, always seeking the best possible solutions when training a client.
Power and Tone Gym, I enjoy being part of this health and fitness team, always strive to do more and better things for our clients.

Other Experiences:

  • ETA by F.I.T Principle
  • Home based training
  • Boksmart training
  • Rugby coaching
  • CPR & AED training


B. Beylefeld

Ever since I started to gym at Power & Tone Gym my gains were twice as much because I’m much more motivated by the friendly staff and the top of the range equipment. At Power & Tone Gym I feel at home and really enjoy every second in the gym!

Thank you….

Louis van Schalkwyk