Grant Richardson

Grant Richardson

ln regards to the competency of Mr B. Beylefeld as a personal trainer:

Mr Beylefeld has been my personal home trainer since the 1st of October 2013.
He has shown a depth of knowledge in various exercises catering to my personal needs and fitness level. He was able to recommend specific exercises, from beginner to experienced level, lo target muscle groups that I wanted to work on. Mr Beylefeld was able to develop and modify my daily training program to match the increase in my fitness requirements. ln addition, he could recommend additional supplements that would benefit me according to my fitness programme and requirements.

On a personal level, Mr Beylefeld was able lo motivate me on a daily basis. His constant words of encouragement during and after the training session helped me to stay motivated and positive for exercising. Before any new exercise was incorporated into my programme, Mr Beylefeld would demonstrate the correct technique for gaining maximum results. He was able to assess my strengths and weaknesses during the training session, and recommended different exercises that would be better suited to my experience or strength.

Mr Beylefeld’s experience and knowledge on being a personal trainer has greatly benefited my workout schedule, where I was able to see physical results within three weeks. Additionally, I benefited significantly from his positive attitude and motivation towards my training, as I was always enthusiastic about attending the workout sessions. I can highly recommend Mr Beylefeld as a personal trainer lo anyone at any fitness level!

Kind regards
Grant Richardson

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